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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design TBA is committed to the concepts and implementation of Sustainable Design

TBA Has Extensive Sustainable Design Experience

Designing in 14 market sectors and completing over 70 LEED certified, Energy Star, Green Globes and Enterprise Green Communities projects has developed the knowledge base that helps TBA to be successful time and time again. Our extensive experience in sustainable design has led to creative, energy efficient and cost saving measures that are applied to design a building, site and culture that embraces sustainable design concepts. We have designed buildings and sites with a myriad of systems and materials that enhance the green features of that particular project.

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TBA Goes LEED Gold

TBA has 17 LEED Accredited Professionals in the structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering disciplines. TBA has a unique perspective of sustainable design, experiencing it from both owner and designer viewpoints on our own 22,400 SF LEED Gold Addition. As owner we had a dragmatic approach, we were interested in providing a healthy environment for our staff, reducing energy costs and protecting the environment. Our goal was to incorporate sustainable design principles that had a real impact both in energy savings with realistic payback, and environmental benefits, all within our budgetary constraints.

Sustainable Design Concepts Incorporated:

  • Energy saving light sensors
  • High efficiency VAV HVAC system with energy recovery
  • Room darkening solar shades
  • Purchasing Green energy
  • Day light harvesting
  • Low VOC materials
  • Low flow water saving fixtures
  • Sustainable site design
  • Recycled materials
  • Recycled construction waste
  • CO2 monitoring and demand control ventilation
  • Light occupancy sensors
  • Elimination of irrigation with native plants

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Sustainable Design Services

TBA offers the following LEED and sustainable design services:

  • LEED Engineering design (SMEP) and documentation
  • Whole building energy modeling
  • Life cycle cost studies
  • Parametric modeling
  • Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
  • Green Globed engineering design and documentation
  • Enterprise Green Communities design and documentation
  • Envelope Thermal Imaging Analysis
  • Design to Energy Star standards

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