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Electrical Engineering The Electrical Engineering Group at TBA Lights up the Industry

Over 35 Electrical Engineers & Technicians

Our electrical leaders have over 50 years combined experience from many backgrounds. TBA has project experience encompassing 14 markets and over 8,000 projects which has developed a knowledge base that results in successful projects time and time again. This diverse experience provides an expertise in the design of traditional electrical systems to newly developed systems. We have been able to capture great design concepts from one market and transform and use those concepts in others.

We have designed buildings using a multitude of different electrical systems that meet the owner’s requirements, the building function, and unique site conditions for each project. The size of our electrical department also provides the diversity of experience and accumulated knowledge to design large complex projects or to manage national building programs with multiple locations, servicing our clients the TBA way.

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49 States, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, 2 Canadian provinces.

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Well Detailed & Coordinated Documents

Interdisciplinary coordination is a way of life at TBA. TBA has developed a structured design process initiated at the beginning of design, which incorporates Principal involvement throughout the design process. The result is a successful project utilizing cost effective and appropriate electrical systems in conjunction with well coordinated documents.

We use master base details customized for each project in conjunction with all the unique details required to provide a consistency of design from project to project.

Custom design programs have been developed to assist our engineers in implementing efficient and accurate designs for your project. The utilization of design guidelines and checklists coupled with a thorough document review is completed on all projects. BIM is also a great design tool utilized to enhance coordination within our disciplines and with the other design consultants. Communication is continually stressed as key to a successful project, from project inception through construction.

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Ability to Meet Schedules

TBA continues to meet aggressive schedules on projects. One example would include the Flats East Bank Building #4 in Cleveland, Ohio, which was designed and constructed in less than two years using a design assist delivery method. This 510,000 SF mixed use facility included 243 residential apartments, indoor parking, and 59,500 SF of multi-tenant restaurant space.

Project schedules are tracked through a master spreadsheet, which is reviewed each week to ensure each project is staffed properly for the challenging schedules TBA meets on a daily basis. We monitor our design backlog weekly, estimating future projections so that we can grow our staff at a pace necessary to meet schedules with well designed and coordinated documents.

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Lighting Design & Power Distribution System Selection

TBA can provide lighting design solutions that are both functional and creative. Aesthetics, energy consumption, maintenance, and budget are weighed by our lighting designers as they evaluate the most appropriate lighting design concepts for your project. Lighting control design focuses on energy savings and ease of use. The quality of light in your building is just as important to us as the quantity of light.

Power Distribution System types differ with each market. Most project types have several viable system options that meet the type of project, schedule, and cost the owner is attempting to achieve. TBA presents options at an early stage to the client and owner explaining the benefits of each system in order to assist the owner in understanding the system used in the design of their building. These options can vary depending on performance and the projected lifespan of the building. The method of distributing power throughout a building may be impacted by factors such as metering, emergency power needs, space limitations, voltage drop, and future expansion plans. Communication with the client, as well as the wealth of experience that TBA has to offer, provides the tools to select an electrical distribution system for the unique project and client.

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Cost Savings & Economical Design

TBA investigates early on in the project the cost of the electrical systems under consideration. We explore system options, wiring methods, and material quality to compare costs and performance for the owner. Our experience with a multitude of building projects provides the basis for development and selection of an economical system for a specific project while meeting the electrical performance criteria and unique requirements established for the building.

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Collaboration & Communication with Owners, Clients & Consultants

Communication is the key to a successful project. There are many questions to be asked and answered throughout the building design process. The engineers at TBA are proactive, asking insightful questions to obtain the information needed to identify the key design parameters to meet the owner’s requirements. Is there possible future expansion? Does the owner have preferences regarding manufacturers specified? How could a generator provide value to the project? Is sustainable design a goal and at what cost? There are many questions to be asked and answered. Let us help you discover options and answer your questions on your journey towards a successful project.

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Electrical Services Offered

  • Building Design for New Construction
  • Renovation and Addition Design
  • Prototype Design
  • Historic Preservation/Restoration
  • Power Distribution Design
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Site Lighting Design
  • Photometric Studies
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire Alarm System Design
  • Low Voltage System Design
  • Building Assessments and Evaluations
  • Preliminary Systems Evaluations
  • Energy Audits
  • Renewable Energy System Design
  • Medium Voltage Power Distribution Design
  • Master Planning
  • Preliminary Opinion of Cost
  • Bidding Phase Assistance
  • Assistance with selection of other Subconsultants
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