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Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Our civil group has over 70 years combined experience with engineers and technicians from many backgrounds and markets. Our team is well suited to provide an array of civil engineering services stretching many sectors of the profession. Our Civil Engineering Group is growing to continue to service our clients the TBA way. Our diverse experience has led to the design of many unique site designs and storm water management systems. We have been able to capture great design ideas from one market and transform and use those ideas in others. We have designed sites with a multitude of Civil Engineering services that complement the specific site and environment, the building, and existing infrastructure.


Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia

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Well Detailed & Coordinated Documents

Interdisciplinary coordination drives our success at TBA. TBA has developed a structured design process initiated at the beginning of design, which incorporates Principal involvement throughout the design process. The result is a successful project utilizing cost effective and appropriate civil systems in conjunction with well coordinated documents.

We use master base details customized for each project in conjunction with all the unique details required to provide a consistency of design from project to project.

Custom design programs have been developed to assist our engineers in implementing efficient and accurate designs for your project. The utilization of design guidelines and checklists coupled with a thorough document review is completed on all projects. Autodesk Civil 3D Design Software is a great design tool used to enhance the coordination within our departments and with the other design consultants. Communication is continually stressed as key to a successful project, from project inception through construction.

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Ability to Meet Schedules

TBA meets project milestones and deadlines through a spreadsheet which is reviewed each week to ensure each project is staffed properly for the challenging schedules TBA meets on a daily basis. We monitor our design backlog weekly, estimating future projections so that we can grow our staff at a pace necessary to meet schedules with well designed and coordinated documents.

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Site, Infrastructure, & Roadway Design

TBA has experience with efficient and cost effective civil engineering design. Our engineers provide design options for projects at an early stage. A project may consider several viable options and functions that meet the project requirements, schedule, and cost constraints that a client is attempting to meet. Property restrictions, planning and zoning regulations, utility sizes and availability, vehicular access and maneuvering, earthwork balancing and efficient stormwater design are some of the items analyzed when performing civil engineering. Communication with the client as well as the wealth of experience TBA has to offer provides the tools necessary to select a design for each unique project and client.

TBA provides underground utility and roadway design services to the private and public sectors. TBA’s Civil Engineering staff assists our clients with extending off-site utilities or roadways to the project site. We have extensive experience with sanitary sewer main extensions, water main extensions, drainage infrastructure extensions, and roadway access extensions. For public sector clients, TBA provides services such as street rehabilitation projects, street intersection analysis and design, underground utility upgrades, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) upgrades, new facilities design, utility capacity studies, and more.

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Cost Savings & Economical Design

TBA analyzes economics as the first step to identify cost savings and design efficiency. Early in the project TBA investigates the cost of the Civil Engineering design features for each unique site. We explore options to compare costs and performance for the owner. Our experience with hundreds of site designs helps us narrow down an economical system for that specific project, while meeting the long-term performance standards and requiring less maintenance costs over time.

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Collaboration & Communication

Communication is key to a successful project. There are many questions to be asked and answered thought the site design process. The Civil Engineers at TBA communicate with our clients and owners to meet their design needs by asking insightful questions and are proactive in obtaining the information we need to design a project that meets the owner’s requirements.

One of our group’s greatest assets is helping our clients through the tangled web of environmental permitting and government agency reviews where our knowledge base and relationships continuously bring value to the design process.

Are there wetlands to be considered? Is sustainable design a goal and at what cost? Is balancing the site a priority? Let us help you discover all options and answer your questions on your journey towards a successful project.

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Civil Engineering Services Offered

  • Site Plan Design
  • Stormwater Engineering
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Land Development and Subdivision Planning
  • Stormwater Detention/Retention Engineering
  • Stormwater Quality Engineering
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Planning
  • EPA NPDES Permitting for Construction Activity
  • Municipal Services
  • Grading and Earthwork Analysis
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Vehicle Maneuvering Analysis
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Design and Upgrades
  • Underground Utilities

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